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The Internet is a great place to find videos of famous horses in action. It's not surprising that footage of recent sporting events can be found, especially on YouTube, but great horses from the past can also be found. Sit back and enjoy a selection of videos of horse heros of the past.

Showjumping - Marion Coakes and Stroller

In the 1960s Marion Coakes inspired young girls in the same way that Ellen Whitaker does today. Her pony Stroller took her from juniors to an Olympic silver medal. Here's a clip from the 1965 Royal International Horse Show.

Showjumping - John Whitaker and Milton

Milton, the first showjumper to become a millionaire, had an incredible partnership with John Whitaker. Here they are winning the European Championships in 1989.

Showjumping - David Broome and Mister Softee

Mister Softee ridden by won the British Jumping Derby in 1966, individual oold at the European Championships in 1967 and 1969, as well as individual bronze at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. Watch him in the jump off David Broome won the King George V Gold Cup for the second time in 1966, riding Mister Softee.

Showjumping - Nick Skelton and Everest Lastic

In 1978 Nick Skelton on Everest Lastic set the British high jump record of 2.32 metres (7ft 7ins). The record still stands.

Eventing - Ian Stark and Murphy Himself

Murphy Himself won Burghley in 1986 with Ginny Leng but was so strong that he was passed to Ian Stark. Famous for bouncing doubles where he should have taken a stride, Murphy Himself won individual and team silver at WEG in 1990 and came second at Badminton in 1991. Here is a compilation video.

Eventing - Mark Todd and Charisma

Although only 15.3hh, Charisma achieved individual Olympic gold in 1984 and 1988. Here they are coming 2nd at Badminton in 1985.

Eventing - Montreal Olympics

This documentary (narrated by Richard Meade who rode Jacob Jones) follows the British team through all stages of the competition. Princess Anne on Goodwill fell on the cross-country but, as was allowed and expected at the time, remounted and continued. Other members of the team were Hugh Thomas (Playmar) and Lucinda Prior Palmer (Be Fair).

Dressage - Morland Totilas

Dressage may lack the excitement of jumping huge fences and many people find it difficult to understand the finer points, but what horse-lover can fail to appreciate the elegance of Morlands Tortilas? His performances with Edward Gal seemed effortless and, although still competing, has yet to achieve similar success with his new rider. Here they are breaking the world record in the kur by scoring 89.4 (bettered in later performances) at Hickstead in 2009.

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Posted on 21 November, 2011

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