April 2013 News Headlines

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Andrew Nicholson wins Kentucky 3 day event
Andrew Nicholson was 1st on Quimbo and 3rd on Calico Joe at the Kentucky 3 day event. William Fox-Pitt on Seacookie was 2nd. The two riders now head to Badminton where both are in contention for the Rolex Grand Slam (consecutive wins at Burghley, Kentucky and Badminton) - an unusual situation resulting from last years cancellation of Badminton. They will face strong opposition - including World, European and Olympic champion Micheal Jung who will be riding at Badminton for the first time.

29 April, 2013  •  Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event  •  Full story

Carneddau ponies in need of protection
Research at Aberystwyth has shown that the wild Carneddau ponies of North Wales are a unique breed. Although their ancestry includes the Welsh Section A pony, they have been separated from them for several hundred years. Protection is needed to preserve this genetic resource, especially following losses in the harsh winter.

26 April, 2013  •  Your Horse  •  Full story

Nicholson takes early lead in Kentucky 3 day event
Andrew Nicholson leads on Calico Joe after the first day of dressage, with a score of 40.8. William Fox-Pitt is 4th with 46.2 on Seacookie. If Andrew wins, Badminton will be a head-to-head for the Rolex Grand Slam between him and William - an unusual situation resulting from the cancellation of Badminton last year.

25 April, 2013  •  Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event  •  Full story

Foal rescued from London river
A foal, less than 48 hours old, was rescued from a river in Edmonton, East London by the fire brigade. A member of the public alerted the RSPCA to the plight of the tiny skewbald. Unfortunately, attempts to bond him with a foster mare were unsuccessful so he will be hand-reared. He may have been deliberately dumped in the river.

22 April, 2013  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

Black Caviar retires unbeaten after 25 wins
Black Caviar, the Australian supermare, has been retired after winning her 25th consecutive race. Racing at Royal Ascot last year (where she only won by a short head) took a heavy toll on the mare but she recovered to win 3 more races. Her future as a broodmare will now be considered by her owners.

17 April, 2013  •  Sydney Morning Herald  •  Full story

Genetic research into horse gaits
Researchers in Sweden have identified the gene which affects locomotion patterns in horses - allowing an extra gait in some breeds and a fast trot in harness racing horses. The gene mutation, DMRT3, needs to be homozygous (inherited from both parents) to allow pacing and faster trotting in harness racers.

17 April, 2013  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Trailer for Munnings film released
Sir Alfred Munnings was a great equestrian artist. The trailer for a film about his life, 'Summer in February', has been released. Set before the First World War, when Munnings lived in bohemian colony of artists in Cornwall, it explores the love triangle that developed when Munnings' wife had an affair.

12 April, 2013  •  Daily Telegraph  •  Full story

Trial of melanoma treatment
Melanoma, a cancer which affects most grey horses, is normally left untreated. The tumours frequently become malignant and can prove fatal, but little research has been done. New research at Liverpool and Glasgow universities (injecting a chemotherapy agent into tumours) should improve understanding of the problem.

09 April, 2013  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

How to pick a Grand National winner?
Picking the winner in the world's most famous steeplechase is never easy, but looking at the statistics of past winners may help. These show that the race is most likely to be won by a 9 or 10 year old British or Irish horse, carrying weight of less than 11st and ridden by a professional jockey. But suprises can still occur.

03 April, 2013  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

Pet photo competition to support the Royal Veterinary College
Enter a photo of your pet in the RVC Animal Health Trust competition and you could win a behind the scenes tour of their animal hospitals. The suggested donation per photo entry is £2 which will help support the important work done at the College.

03 April, 2013  •  RVC Animal Health Trust  •  Full story

Global Champions Tour comes to London
The London leg of the 5* showjumping series, the Global Champions Tour, will take place in June at The International Quarter, adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The event was originally planned to take place at Kensington Gardens but planning permission was refused.

02 April, 2013  •  British Showjumping  •  Full story

Charity Bitting Clinic in Cheshire this month
A Neue Schule bitting expert will be delivering a talk on all aspects of bitting on 19th April in aid of the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust. The charity is also appealing for unwanted bits to be donated which can replace the barbaric, rusty Senegalese bits frequently used in Gambia.

01 April, 2013  •  Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust  •  Full story  •  Download the bit appeal poster (PDF)