August 2014 News Headlines

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Remember WW1 horses by adopting a Shire
In memory of the 8 million equines that were killed in WW1, Shire horse Poppy has been added to the Redwings Horse Sanctuary adoption scheme. 17.2 hh Poppy has been with Redwings since losing her mother in March 2013 and now has a comfortable future ahead of her. Similar horses suffered appallingly during WW1.

04 August, 2014  •  Redwings Horse Sanctuary   •  Full story  •  Read our War Horses Remembered article

Move to phase out race day medication in US
25 top US Thoroughbred trainers are supporting a plan to phase out furosemide (aka Salix or Lasix) - a medication to prevent or reduce the severity of exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage (bleeding through the nose). The drug can currently be used on race days in the US but is banned in Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.

04 August, 2014  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Beezie Madden - first woman to win King George V Gold Cup
The prestigious King George V Gold Cup, which was only opened up to women in 2008, was won in a thrilling jump off by Beezie Maden (US). Riding Cortes Z, she narrowly beat 19-year-old Bertam Allen (IRE). The trophy is a solid gold statue of St George killing a dragon. Valued at £250,000, it was first presented in 1911.

03 August, 2014  •  Horse & Country TV  •  Full story

Increasing number of colic sufferers euthanased
Since the economic crash of 2008 an increasing number of owners are having their horse euthanased rather than undergo colic surgery. Owners without insurance now seem less inclined to invest in surgery, especailly as the outcome is uncertain - many horses are euthanased during surgery or suffer post-operative complications.

01 August, 2014  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story