December 2011 News headlines

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The Brooke helps Egypt's starving horses
The recent political turmoil in Egypt has resulted in a downturn in tourism. Thousands of working horses and donkeys now face starvation as their owners cannot afford to feed them. The Brooke has started and emergencey feeding programme but needs donations. Please help.

29 December, 2011  •  The Brooke  • 

Real war horses - online archive
The Blue Cross charity, which started helping animals in 1897, has made its archive of the role played by horses during World War 1 available online. Audio slideshows and photo galleries show the lives of real-life war horses.

27 December, 2011  •  The Blue Cross  • 

Rider's eye view - Ben Maher hatcam at Olympia

22 December, 2011  •  Horse & Hound  • 

Ben Maher talks about the 2012 Olympic Games

21 December, 2011  •  Horse & Hound  • 

Ben Maher wins leading rider at Olympia
Excellent results throughout the London Olympia Horse Show gave Ben Maher the leading rider award. His best result was winning the FEI Rolex World Cup round on his 9 year old black stallion Tripple X III, which he bred himself.

20 December, 2011  •  British Showjumping  • 

New online lameness tool to help understand lameness
Equine Guelph together with Pfizer have developed a Lameness Lab online tool. Through videos and interective displays the tool aims to help horse owners and carers to better understand and detect lameness.

14 December, 2011  •  Equine Guelph  •   • 

Effects of noseband tightness on performance
A study at the Duchy College in Cornwall has shown that tightening the noseband by one hole increases the sensitivity of the horse to the bit. This is because the rider needs to apply more tension to the reins when the noseband is loose.

13 December, 2011  •  The Horse  • 

Eric Lamaze & Hickstead - Canada's Athlete of the Year
Showjumper Eric Lamaze and his recently deceased stallion Hickstead were voted CBC Sports Athlete of the Year. Not only had Hickstead touched the hearts of the Canadian people he had had an incredibly successful year which took Lamaze to the top of the Rolex world rankings.

11 December, 2011  •  CBC Sport Canada  • 

Does your horse need to be rugged?
As soon as an autumn chill is felt many people start to rug up their horses. But is this the best option for your horse? The long hairs of a horse's winter coat trap air to provide insulation. Rugging flattens the hair and may actually make the horse colder.

5 December, 2011  •  University of Arkansas  • 

Hot iron branding versus microchipping
A study in Germany compared the levels of stress in foals (measured by heart rate and cortisol in saliva) when hot branded or microchipped. Both procedures caused stress but the effects of hot branding lasted longer.

1 December, 2011  •  Equine Science Update  •