December 2012 News Headlines

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Clipping controversy at Solihull Foal Show
The rules for the Solihull Foal Show clearly state that clipping of foals is not allowed as they consider clipping of such young and vulnerable animals is unacceptable. In one class all but one exhibitor was asked to leave the rings as their foals showed signs of being clipped.

08 December, 2012  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

Tim Stockdale autobiography published
A year ago Tim Stockdale lay in hospital with serious spinal injuries and started to reflect on his life. This resulted in him writing his autobiography - There's No Such Word As Can't!. Packed with amusing anecdotes his story gives a rare insight into the world of professional showjumping.

07 December, 2012  •  British Showjumping  •  Full story

Tips to improve your riding
Need a reminder for the aids of half-pass and leg-yield? Your Horse provides advice from British Dressage trainer Julie Hyslop.

07 December, 2012  •  Your Horse  •  Full story

Rare zebra foal born at Blackpool Zoo
Hartmann's mountain zebra, Betty, unexpectedly gave birth to a colt foal last week. This Namibian breed has less than 9,000 adults worldwide and the foal is only the fourth in 10 years to be born in the UK. Although 19 year old Betty was known to be pregnant, the birth was not expected so soon.

05 December, 2012  •  Teddy Hilton  •  Full story