December 2013 News Headlines

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Showjumper Lionel Dunning dies age 75
Lionel Dunning, former international showjumper and well known trainer, died suddenly of a heart attack yesterday. He was a strong advocate for wearing a riding hat after his saved his life in fall in 1975. Severe head injuries left him semi-conscious for 7 months but he fought his way back to be Britain's leading rider in 1979. He also rode on 25 Nations Cup teams.

31 December, 2013  •  Horse & Country TV  •  Full story

Woman divorced for kissing a horse
A Saudi woman who posted a photo on social media of herself kissing a horse has been divorced by her jealous husband. The woman has no regrets - she is proud of photo expressing her love of the Arabian horse and not sorry to separate from a man who cannot distinguish between humans and animals.

04 December, 2013  •  Emirates 24/7  •  Full story

Vets express concern over flu vaccinations
There have been 19 outbreaks of flu in the UK this year involving hundreds of horses, some of which were vaccinated. This compares with 10 outbreaks in the previous 3 years. Although current vaacines are generally effective, some vets are becoming concerned that vaccines need to be updated for new strains.

02 December, 2013  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

Scott Brash ranked World No 1 showjumper
Scott Brash has pushed Ben Maher off the number 1 spot in the Longines World showjumping ranking. Scott's recent win in the Global Champions Tour (taking the final leg on Hello Sanctos and the overall title) moved him to the top of the rankings. Ludger Beerbaum is in third position.

02 December, 2013  •  British Showjumping  •  Full story

Firemen rescue horse trapped in gate
Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue used hand powered pumps and cutters to carefully remove the sections of the steel gate to free the horse whose hind legs were trapped. Noise was kept to a minimum and the horse kept calm while he was released uninjured. The fire service encourage people to contact them in such situations.

01 December, 2013  •  Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue  •  Full story

How horses sleep
Horses, asses, and zebras are the only animals that sleep standing up, having evolved mechanisms to prevent them falling over. Standing sleep is slow-wave sleep (SWS) which is shallower than REM (rapid eye movement) sleep for which they need to lie down. Horses can't lie down for long periods as their weight would interfere with blood flow but they only need short periods of REM sleep (probably less than half an hour). Horses sleep standing for 3 - 4 hours a day.

02 December, 2013  •  The Horse  •  Full story