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Riders take to the streets for road safety
Road safety campaigner Penelope Stocks organised an event to highlight the road safety concerns of horse riders. More than 60 riders took part in the Nottinghamshire event. A petition to make it law in the UK for drivers to pass horses wide and slow, and to abide by horse riders hand signals has been setup online.

5 October, 2016  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story  •  Sign Petition

Sycamores can cause fatal muscle disease
Seasonal Pasture Myopathy (SPM) is caused by the toxin hypoglycin A and is contained in seeds of trees including the sycamore. Horses should be grazed away from sycamore if possible in autumn and those on sparse pasture are most susceptible. Wind-blown seeds can also be a problem, so check pastures.

3 October, 2016  •  Horse Talk   •  Full story

Christian Ahlmann retains No 1 spot
German showjumper Christian Ahlmann is World No. 1 in the Longines FEI Showjumping Rankings for the 3rd month running. He is closely followed by Frenchman Simon Delestre, while Kent Farrington of USA has slipped to 3rd. Scott Brash, the Brit who held the top spot for 16 months until April, is down to 10th.

4 October, 2016  •  Noelle Floyd  •  Full story

Research gives hope of a melanoma vaccine
Melanoma tumours are common in grey horses and, although normally benign, can grow large enough to interfere with bodily functions which could necessitate euthanasia. Melanomas are more aggressive in humans and dogs and vaccines developed for them are now being tried on horses - with promising results.

4 October, 2016  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Traffic Officer training for loose horses
A loose horse on the highway is dangerous for both public safety and equine welfare. The Horse Trust has now developed training courses for Highways England Traffic Officers, who deal with about 120 horse related incidents on motorways per year. The courses will help the officers understand horse behaviour and how to deal with loose horses, improving the safety of all involved.

6 September, 2016  •  The Horse Trust  •  Full story