January 2012 News headlines

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Lead 'War Horse' back in California
Finders Key, the main horse who played Joey in the movie 'War Horse', is back home in California. The bay thoroughbred was a failure as a racehorse but found a second career as a film star. His first role was as the young Seabiscuit where his main scene was rearing and attacking a jockey. He later stared in 'The Legend of Zorro'.

25 January, 2012  •  New York Times  • 

Thoroughbred 'speed gene' traced to Shetland pony
The so called 'speed gene' (which indicates whether a racehorse is more suitable for speed or stamina races) was identified in 2010. Now scientists believe that its origin is a single Shetland mare, living in Britain some 300 years ago. The gene variant has proliferated in recent times mainly through Nearitic and his son Northern Dancer.

25 January, 2012  •  Horse Talk  •   • 

Death of Eeyore - 55 year old donkey
Eeyore, believed to be the oldest donkey in the world has died at the age of 55. He was adopted by bookie millionaire Selwyn Demmy a year ago and had quickly made friends with Buttons the llama. He was put down, on the vet's advice, when he was unable to get to his feet. A donkey's normal lifespan is 25 to 35 years.

12 January, 2012  •  Manchester Evening News  • 

Joey attends War Horse film premiere
Sultan, one of the 14 horses who played the central War Horse character of 'Joey', attended the UK premiere of the much anticipated film War Horse.

09 January, 2012  •  War Horse movie  • 

UK showjumpers Talan & Sultan V sold to Saudi Arabia
Shortly before the deadline for horses to change hands and be eligible to compete in the Olympics for a different country, two top UK horses were sold to Saudi Arabia. Robert Smith's top horse Talan and Foxhunter winner Sultan V, the only Olympic prospect for Bruce Manzies, will be ridden by the recently qualified Saudi team.

04 January, 2012  •  Horse & Hound  • 

Donkey Sanctuary suffers theft of donations
Three donation boxes were destroyed and the money taken by thieves from The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon. The donations lost are estimated to be £150 but, in addition, it will cost hundreds of pounds to replace the vandalised donation boxes..

03 January, 2012  •  The Donkey Sanctuary  • 

Mucking out is good for you!
The British Horse Society has released a report showing that horse riding and associated activities, such as mucking out, has health benefits. When carried out for 30 minutes 3 times a week it can be classified as moderate intensity exercise. Horse riding also has psychological and social benefits.

01 January, 2012  •  British Horse Society  •   •