January 2013 News Headlines

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Win tickets to Andrew Gould & Jonathan Paget demo
Andrew Gould & Jonathan Paget are using some of their top horses to demonstrate the variety of training methods and exercises they use to produce world-class competition horses, bring the worlds of eventing and dressage together in their lecture demonstrations. Your Horse has a competition to win tickets

17 January, 2013  •  Your Horse  •  Full story

Study into forage only diet for horses in training
Research in Sweden shows that a high-energy forage diet gives adequate nutrition to young horses in training. The study was carried out on Standardbred horses being brought into competitive condition at the age of 3. A forage only diet reduces the risk of developing problems such as gastric ulcers, colic and rhabdomylosis.

11 January, 2013  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Melanoma vaccine being evaluated in the US
A vaccine currently used to treat melanomas in dogs is being evaluated at Lincoln Memorial University, Tennessee for its effectiveness in horses. Melanomas are one the most common tumours in horses and grey horses are particularly prone to them. The vaccine appears safe but there are no results yet on its effectiveness.

11 January, 2013  •  HorseTalk  •  Full story

Study into sleeping habits of crib biters
A study carried out at Hartpury College in Gloucester has shown that crib biters get about half the amount of standing sleep that non crib biters get. It is not clear whether the lack of sleep causes crib biting or vice versa. Either way, the lack of sleep could impact the horse's welfare.

10 January, 2013  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Olympic showjumper Wonderboy III dies
The 14-year-old grey gelding Wonderboy III collapsed and died while being exercised. He acheived international success with Ben Maher before being sold to compete for Syria in the 2012 Olympics. He had recently been bought by Georgie Crumley who originally produced him and who was riding him when he died.

09 January, 2013  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

Pantomime horse left at hotel
Among the strange items left behind at UK Travelodge hotels in 2012 was a pantomime horse suit. It was left by one of the cast of Cinderella which was playing in Leeds. Some of the other forgotten items were a pet python, the original Harry Potter wand and 76,500 teddy bears.

03 January, 2013  •  HorseTalk  •  Full story

Barefoot trimming study
Research at Michigan State University into the effects of barefoot trimming has shown that the heel region migrated back underneath the limb, leading to an increased weight-bearing area. This offers hope for treating underrun heels.

03 January, 2013  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Neglected pony rescued in Middlesex
Police called in the RSPCA to help round up 3 stray ponies at the weekend. One, a bay colt, had outgrown his headcollar which had cut into his head. He was taken to the Royal Veterinary College for treatment. The other ponies could not be caught at the time. The RSPCA are asking for information about the ponies' owner.

02 January, 2013  •  Horse & Country TV  •  Full story

Equestrian New Year Honours
Many equestrians were honoured in the New Year list. Showjumping: Scott Brash, Peter Charles & Ben Maher MBE. Eventing: Mary King MBE. Dressage: Charlotte Dujardin OBE, Laura Bechtolsheimer & Carl Hester MBE. Para-dressage: Sophie Christiansen OBE, Natasha Baker, Deb Criddle & Sophie Wells MBE.

01 January, 2013  •  Equestrian Team GB  •  Full story

Mark Todd knighted
Eventing legend and six times Olympian Mark Todd was knighted in the New Year Honours being awarded a Knights Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit. After retiring from eventing in 2000 he came back in 2008 and was on the bronze medal winning team at the London Olympics.

02 January, 2013  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story