July 2011 News headlines

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Zara Phillips to retire Toytown
Zara Phillips will retire Toytown, the horse on which she won the world and European championships, on 7th August at the Gatcombe Festival of British Eventing. Zara will marry Mike Tindall this weekend.

28 July, 2011  •  Horse & Hound  • 

Appeal for Donations for Vet treatments
The Horse Trust is appealing for donations to for the treatment of two of their horses - Gwain, retired from the Metropolitan Police and Sevastapol, retired from the Household Cavalry. Both horses served mankind throughout their working live and deserve the best treatment in their retirement.

28 July, 2011  •  The Horse Trust  • 

Suffolk Punch foal fostered by Connemara
A Suffolk Punch filly whose dam died shortly after the birth has been fostered by a Connemara pony provided by the Newmarket Foster Mare Company. The Suffolk Punch is a rare breed so it is important for the breed that this young filly survives.

21 July, 2011  •  Horse & Hound  • 

Olympic showjumper Pierre d'Oriola dies
Pierre d'Oriola has died at the age of 91. He won individual gold in the 1952 Olympics on Ali Baba and in the 1964 Olympics on Lutteur B, as well as team siver in the 1968 Olympics.

20 July, 2011  •  FEI  • 

Showjumper Shutterfly retires
Shutterfly, winner of 2 showjumping World Cups with Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum was retired at the Aachen show at the age of 18.

18 July, 2011  •  Horse & Hound  • 

Horse body painting sessions
Learn more about horse anatomy at one of the Horse Trust 'Horse Body Painting' sessions. A fun activity for adults and children over the age of 8.

15 July, 2011  •  The Horse Trust  • 

Horse caught by speed camera
A horse which escaped from his paddock in Germany was caught on camera galloping down a busy road in a nearby town. Fortunately the horse was returned unscathed to his paddock. The car driver caught by the speed camera is refusing to pay the fine.

14 July, 2011  •  Daily Mail  • 

Olympic test event a success
The Olympic test event at Greenwich has been hailed a success. The cross-country course for the 3-day event (won by UK rider Piggy French) was met with approval but described as challenging by the riders as the hills proved a test of stamina. Showjumpers were less impressed with the arena surface which felt dead but the idea of the test event is to highlight problem.

7 July, 2011  •  BBC  •