July 2013 News Headlines

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Headshaking supplement of no benefit
Researchers at Liverpool University concluded that a supplement, given to horses to reduce headshaking, is of no benefit. Tests on 32 chronic headshakers were carried out with the supplement being given for 4 weeks, nothing for 2 weeks, then a placebo for 2 weeks. There was no effect detectable in any of the horses treated.

01 July, 2013  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Canada still favourite for 2018 WEG
The FEI has re-opened bidding for the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games. Despite being the only bidder still in the reckoning, Canada were not awarded the games as they were unable to provide the full public sector financial support needed. The FEI has now re-opened bidding, with Canada expected to be the winner.

01 July, 2013  •  FEI  •  Full story

Grand National winner at Great Yorkshire Show
Grand National winner, Auroras Encore, will parade around the main ring on the final day of the Great Yorkshire Show (11 July). Harvey Smith (trainer of the horse with his wife, Sue) was a regular at the show in his showjumping days - winning the famous Cock o' The North trophy in 1977 and 1982.

01 July, 2013  •  Horse & Country TV  •  Full story

Sycamore seeds danger to horses
Toxins from sycamore seeds are the likely cause of Equine Atypical Myopathy (EAM) in Europe, according to a recent study. EAM causes sudden disintegration of muscles (rhabdomyolysis) in horses of any age on pastures in the autumn and is frequently fatal. In America, a similar condition has been linked to box elder seeds.

01 July, 2013  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story