June 2012 News Headlines

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Shetland ponies can save energy by reducing body temperature
In cold weather animals expend a lot of energy maintaining their body temperature. Domesticated animals were thought to have lost the ability to reduce their body temperature in order to save energy. However a study has shown that Shetland ponies (and therefore probably horses in general) have retained this ability.

29 June, 2012  •  Equine Science Update  •  Full story

Do equine nasal strips work?
Equine nasal strips are designed to prevent the soft tissues of the respiratory tract from collapsing and decreasing airway diameter as the horse inhales. They are commonly worn by performace horses, especially eventers. Several studies have been carried on the effectiveness of the strips but have produced conflicting results.

28 June, 2012  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Eqyptian mare inspires new charity
The sight of small grey mare, Cleo, working on the streets of Cairo in an emaciated state and riddled with saddle sore inspired two women to set up the charity Continental Rescue and Rehab (CRR). Cleo was their first rescue but, with the downturn of tourism in Egypt, many more horses are in need of help.

28 June, 2012  •  Horse Talk  •  Full story

Irish showjumper wins Hickstead Derby
Irish rider, Paul Beecher, on his home-bred gelding Loughnatousa WB won the Hickstead Derby in style, with two immaculate clear rounds. First drawn Paul had a long wait before William Funnell riding Dorada forced a jump off. Three times winner William, trying for a faster time, faulted at the third fence giving Paul the victory.

27 June, 2012  •  Your Horse  •  Full story

Experience of a lifetime with Guy Williams
Top showjumper Guy Williams is auctioning an experience day on Ebay in support of British Showjumping. You can take your horse and two guests to spend a day at Guy's yard. Includes a lesson with Guy and a tour of his yard to meet his horses.

24 June, 2012  •  British Showjumping  •  Full story  •  Auction

Black Caviar wins 22nd successive race but sustains injury
Australian racehorse, Black Caviar, narrowly won the Diamond Jubilee stakes yesterday but was found to has a soft tissue damage this morning. The injury is not career threatening but she is very sore in her hind quarters. The mare will now return to Australia.

24 June, 2012  •  The Telegraph  •  Full story

Complaint against braying donkey sparks Facebook campaign
Joseph the donkey regularly wakes the villagers of Brierley, Yorkshire with his braying - which is generally accepted as a quirk of local life. However, the local council is now investigating a noise complaint against Joseph. A Facebook page supporting Joseph has been set up by a resident and has almost 3000 followers.

22 June, 2012  •  Daily Mail  •  Full story

Hugh Thomas resigns over Olympic trot-up
Hugh Thomas, director of Badminton, has resigned his position as Olympic Technical Delegate over the decision by the Olympic comittee to bar spectators from the eventing horse inspection trot-up. He is disgusted that the eventing tradition of horse inspections being open and transparent is to be broken.

22 June, 2012  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

Rare onager foal born at Chester Zoo
Onager foal The onager, an Asiatic wild ass, was once common throughout the central and southern plains of Iran, but are now found in just two protected areas. Chester Zoo is part of an international conservation scheme and their breeding programe resulted in the birth of a beautiful colt foal on 10th June.

19 June, 2012  •  Chester Zoo  •  Full story

Nick Skelton awarded OBE
Nick Skelton has been awarded an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List in recognition of his services to equestrian sport. A top showjumper for more than 30 years, Nick is almost certain of Olympic selection and is in the enviable position of being able to choose between two horses - Carlo and Big Star.

16 June, 2012  •  British Showjumping  •  Full story

Farrier receives short ban for deliberately laming horses
Farrier Mark Wellfair has received only a 3 month ban for deliberately laming two horses. The owner, understandably shocked by the short ban, changed farrier in 2011. Wellfair then went into her field, pulled the shoes off the two horses and cut their feet back until they bled.

11 June, 2012  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

William Fox-Pitt wins Bramham
William Fox-Pitt won both the CCI*** (on Chilli Morning) and the CIC*** (on Neuf Des Coeurs) at Bramham. His current form makes him almost certain of an Olympic place. Sadly, two horses collapsed and died on the cross-country - both Jagganath and Lead the Way appear to have suffered heart attacks.

10 June, 2012  •  Horse & Country TV  •  Full story

Only two days left to buy Headley Britannia filly online
An online auction offers the opportunity to purchase a yearling out of Headley Britannia (Burghley, Badminton and Kentucky winner) and sired by Grafenstolz (second in the 2011 Express Eventing).

10 June, 2012  •  Britannia's Jewel  •  Full story

June - Equine Colic Awareness Month
The Crusade Against Equine Colic was formed in the US in 2011 with the aim of saving as many horses as possible from deadly and debilitating bouts of colic, by educating owners and carers. To raise awareness they have designated June 'Equine Colic Awareness Month'.

05 June, 2012  •  Crusade Against Equine Colic  •  Full story

Safety video for cyclists
Forestry Commission Wales and the British Horse Society have produced a video for cyclists to make the aware of how to approach horses safely.

06 June, 2012  •  Your Horse  •  Full story