June 2014 News Headlines

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Nasal strips used by US Triple Crown contender
California Chrome will wear nasal strips when he attempts to win the US Triple Crown on Saturday. The strips, intended to make breathing easier and relieve stress on the lungs, have been allowed by the New York Racing Association stewards ruling of 19th May as the strips are not considered performance enhancing.

03 June, 2014  •  Horse Talk NZ  •  Full story

Shetland Pony racing moves to US
The Shetland Pony Grand National is an established favourite at the London Olympia Show. Now the Washington International Horse Show has set up the Shetland Pony Steeplechase Championship Series and will hold the final in October. The jockeys, aged 7 to 14, with their fluffy steeds are sure to be a crowd faovourite.

03 June, 2014  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

Eventer Alex Hua Tian qualifies for WEG
Alex Hua Tian has gained qualification for the World Equestrian Games which take place in France later this year. He had had little time to qualify as he only competed Harbour Pilot C for the first time in April. British based Hua Tian was the first equestrian to represent China in the Olympics when he competed in Beijing in 2008.

03 June, 2014  •  Horse & Country TV  •  Full story

Measuring tendons with MRI
Vets need to measure tendons to assess changes in diseased or injured tendons. A study in Denmark has shown that tendon dimensions can be measured more accurately using a colour scale MRI rather than grayscale. Colour scale measurements had an error of about 3% compared to more than 13% for grayscale.

01 June, 2014  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Video motorists behaving badly
Many riders have started using cameras to record bad driving so Gizapaw Ltd have incorporated one into their product. To encourage motorists to drive safely around horses, Gizapaw have produced a hi-vis sleeve and tabard saying 'Smile you're on camera' with an attached camera so that the rider can record a driver's behaviour.

01 June, 2014  •  Gizapaw Ltd  •  Full story