March 2012 News Headlines

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Rare leopard spot perlino foal born
Leopard spot perlino foal An unusually coloured foal was born at Gassons Farm Stud on 25th February. The stud specialises in unusually coloured warmblood sport horses. The colt, named GFS Fire & Ice, is a leopard spot perlino - possibly the first in the UK. The stud's stallions are a spotted Knabstrupper/Kinsky (sire of GFS Fire & Ice) and a cremollo. More photos of the Stud's foals and unusual stallions on their website.

22 March, 2012  • Gassons Farm Stud  •  Full story

Olympic ticket scam
Two companies are fraudulently advertising Olympic tickets for sale in newspapers and magazines. The companies - Rmaster Tickets and Jetset Sport (not to be confused with the authorised reseller Jet Set Sport) are currently being investigated by the Metropolitan Police.

21 March, 2012  •  British Showjumping  •  Full story

Farrier makes 'designer' horseshoes
A farrier in Gloucestershire has taken bling to a new level by engraving designer names like Prada and Gucci on the toeclips of horseshoes. The shoes are made for his wife's dressage horses.

20 March, 2012  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

Ben Maher to receive honorary doctorate
In recognition of his contribution to the equestrian industry, Writtle College is to present showjumper Ben Maher with an honorary doctorate on 16th April. Ben will give a showjumping display after the ceremony.

19 March, 2012  •  Writtle College  •  Full story

Headley Britannia to retire from top-level eventing
Headley Britannia, the only mare to have won the Badminton, Burghley and Kentucky 3-day events is to offically retire at Badminton. 'Brit' will now breed foals by embryo transfer and hopefully give Lucinda Fredricks' daughter her introduction to BE eventing.

15 March, 2012  •  Team Fredricks  •  Full story

Help support the Air Ambulance by signing an e-petition
Unfortunately horse riders are frequent flyers on the Air Ambulance which is funded by public donations. To help reduce the impact of increasing fuel prices the e-petition asks for grants equivalent to the amount of VAT paid on fuel. The RLNI has been exempt from VAT on fuel costs since 1977.

15 March, 2012  •  Government e-petition  •  View & sign the petition

Tornado deposits horse in owner's kitchen
Early in March more than 40 tornadoes tore through parts of the USA. One Kentucky horse was lifted from his paddock and dumped in his owner's house after the tornado ripped off the roof. The horse (now named Twister) suffered scrapes and a puncture wound. He will stay at the vet clinic which treated him while the owners do repairs.

14 March, 2012  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Support Equestrian Team GBR
Keep up with the latest news in the lead up to the Olympics, and show your support for the British teams, by signing up for free to the Equestrian Team GBR website. Whether your interest is showjumping, eventing, dressage, para-dressage, endurance, driving, vaulting or reining you'll find all the team news there.

13 March, 2012  •  Equestrian Team GBR  •  Official website

Mexico Olympics - one of the biggest showjumping courses ever
The second round of the Individual competition included a a massive oxer - 7ft 3ins wide with a back rail 6ft high. Only two horses cleared it - an Australian and a Brazilian. Bill Steinkraus (shown below) took gold and Marion Coakes on the pony Stroller took silver.

08 March, 2012  •  Show Jumping Nostalgia  •  Full story  •  Stroller in Mexico

Suffolk Punches start work at Stanstead Airport
Suffolk Punches, owned by Hawthorn Heavy Horses of Essex, are working to remove trees in woodland at the end of Stanstead Airport's runway. They are being used as modern machinery would damage the ancient woodland.

08 March, 2012  •  Daily Gazette  •  Full story

Why sweep up when your horse can do it?
They say a new broom sweeps clean but new Blues and Royals Squadron recruit Llamrei still seems a little lacking in technique. But he makes up for it with enthusiasm for helping with the mucking out.

07 March, 2012  •  Household Cavalry  • 

Get photographed with Carlo and Big Star
Organise a fundraising event for Spinal Research and you might be invited to visit Nick Skelton's yard to be photographed with top showjumpers Carlo and Big Star. Nick (who broke his neck in 2000) will invite the person he believes has raised the most awareness for Spinal Research with the most creative event.

07 March, 2012  •  Spinal Research  •  Full story

Spindle Farm rescue horse helps fight rural crime
One of the horses, Bert, rescued from Spindles Farm (Britain's worst recorded case of equine neglect) will soon be patrolling South Norfolk's streets with a special constable as part of a project to fight rural crime. Bert has made a remarkable recovery since his rescue.

07 March, 2012  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

Nick Skelton wins Wellington $150,000 Grand Prix
Nick Skelton continued British success on the Florida tour with another win on the grey stallion Carlo. They beat Laura Kraut (USA) on Cedric and Richie Moloney (IRL) on Ahorn Van De Zuuthoeve. Scott Brash was 8th on Intertoy Z.

05 March, 2012  •  British Showjumping  •  Full story

March is 'Rehome a horse' month at World Horse Welfare
Could you give a horse a home? World Horse Welfare are encouraging people to rehome horses to allow them to make space to help other neglected and abandoned horses. Horses are loaned so you have the reassurance that you can return the horse if your circumstances change or you have other problems.

02 March, 2012  •  World Horse Welfare  •  Full story

Happy Birthday to Welsh showjumper David Broome
David Broome, former International showjumper, is 72 today. The Welsh rider (appropriately born in the capital city on St David's Day) acheived huge success including three European Championship gold medals, two Olympic bronze medals and two World Championship gold medals.

01 March, 2012  •  Show jumping Nostalgia  •  Photo  •  Wikipedia