May 2012 News Headlines

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Rare white standardbred foal born in US
White standardbred foal A white foal is rare (most white horses are born dark and lighten with age) but a white standardbred has been born in New Jersey to bay parents. There are several mutations which can produce spontaneous white colour. The colt has some reddish hair between his ears and at the start of the mane which is typical of a KIT mutation - the melanocyte precursors (that produce colour) come from the neural crest which runs down the mane. The owner will probably keep him as his colour means the colt is unlikely to do well at the sales.

15 May, 2012  •  Standardbred Canada  •  Full story  •  White colour genetics

Full width cattle-grids banned on bridleways
A new ruling means that local councils cannot authorise a cattle-grid across the full width of a footpath or bridleway. The High Court ruled that a grid near Newcastle-upon-Tyne was an illegal obstruction and should be removed.

14 May, 2012  • Horse & Country TV  •  Full story

Tim Stockdale wins Six Bar despite fall
Tim Stockdale, only recently returned to competition after breaking his neck, fell in the final round of the Six Bar competition at Windsor. Fortunately he was unhurt and had crossed the finish line before falling so still won the competition on Fresh Direct K2.

14 May, 2012  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

George Whitaker - Rolex One to Watch for May
George Whitaker has been named the Rolex One to Watch for May 2012, having risen from 354th to 231st place in the rankings during the month. The 19 year old is part of the Whitaker dynasty, being brother to William and cousin to Ellen.

10 May, 2012  •  FEI  •  Full story

Marwari horses to perform at Diamond Jubilee
Eight Marwari horses (easily recognised by their long, curled ears) will take part in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant at the Windsor Horse Show. There will also be a stand at the show where pony bits can be donated to replace the severe bits often used on these horses in India.

08 May, 2012  •  Diamond Jubilee Pageant  •  Full story

Why do horses have large eyes?
The commonly held belief is that the most important factor influencing eye size in mammals (apart from body size) is whether the animal is active at night. Scientists at the University of Texas have now concluded that running speed is more significant.

04 May, 2012  •  Horse Talk  •  Full story

Claire Lomas - 12 days into the London Marathon
Claire Lomas, the paralysed eventer who is walking the London Marathon in a robotic bodysuit, has now completed 18.8 miles in 12 days and raised more than £72,000 for Spinal Research. Along the way she has been joined by eventers including Mark Todd and Lucinda Green.

04 May, 2012  • Claires Marathon Challenge For Spinal Research  •  Facebook update  •  Donate

Goldoni lacks 'equipment' for Derby
Three-year-old racehorse, Goldoni, won the Derby trial last week which should secure him a place in the Derby on 2nd June. However, Goldini is a gelding and only colts and fillies are eligible for the Derby - so he will miss out. The horse has improved since being gelded so the trainer has no regrets.

03 May, 2012  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

Rolex Grand Slam rules clarification
The rules for the Rolex Grand Slam have just been clarified, following the cancellation of Badminton. As the prize is awarded for consecutive wins of each of the Burghley, Kentucky and Badminton events, William Fox-Pitt needs to win Badminton 2013 to complete the Grand Slam.

01 May, 2012  •  British Eventing  •  Full story