May 2016 News Headlines

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Are tight nosebands cruel?
Australian research claims that horses wearing nosebands show increased physiological signs of stress (measured by heart rate and eye temperature) as noseband tightness increases. A tight noseband is often used to prevent a horse opening the mouth (especially in dressage), but may compromise equine welfare.

11 May, 2016  •  The Horse   •  Full story

German Show Jumping Derby 2016 in pictures
The German Derby is considered one of the most difficult tracks in the world, with only 150 clear rounds in its 96 year history. Billy Twomey on Diaghilev won the 2016 Derby after a jump off between 9 four-faulters. Read the story of the competion with pictures of many of the iconic fences.

6 May, 2016  •  Noelle Floyd  •  Full story

Laminitis foot stance study
A horse standing with its feet in front of the body is often considered a classic sign of laminitis, but British research shows this does not reliably discriminate between laminitis and other types of lameness. The key laminitis signs are: reluctance to walk, a stilted walk, difficulty turning, shifting weight, and an increased digital pulse.

9 May, 2016  •  Horse Talk  •  Full story

Michael Jung wins Grand Slam of Eventing
Michael Jung riding La Biosthetique Sam won Badminon Horse Trials with the lowest ever score, completing the Rolex Grand Slam by winning Burghley, Kentucky and Badminton consecutively. The highest place Brit was Gemma Tattersall who came 3rd and will now hope for Olympic selection.

8 May, 2016  •  Badminon Horse Trials  •  Full story

Brooke - Action for working horses & donkeys
Brooke logo Brooke charity has rebranded with their new slogan 'Action for working horses & donkeys' making their aims clearer. The restyled website is easier to use and will hopefully get more people involved with the charity's work. Their goal is to reach two million animals a year by the end of 2016, improving not only the animals lives but the lives of the owners who depend on them for their livelihood.

4 May, 2016  •  The Brooke  •  Full story