November 2011 News headlines

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Increase the number of bridleways e-petition
An e-petition has been setup asking for the number of public bridleways to be increased to the same level as footpaths in order to reduce road accidents and promote outdoor activity.

30 November, 2011  •  HM Government e-petiton  • 

Improving jumping performance
A study has shown that allowing investigative behaviour (i.e. allowing the horse to extend his neck) before a jump improves performance, especially in young horses. This allows the horse to assess a new jump without feeling overpressured.

29 November, 2011  •  The Horse  • 

Bareback puissance win for Robert Whitaker
Robert Whitaker riding Waterstone cleared a 2.12 metres (6ft 11ins) wall to win at the Stockholm International Horse Show, possibly a record for bareback puissance

28 November, 2011  •  Horse & Hound  • 

Tim Stockdale returns home from hospital
Tim Stockdale to continue his convalescence at home after suffering serious injuries in a fall a few weeks ago. Tim said 'So good to be home. You should have seen the kids faces. What a great surprise.'

24 November, 2011  •  British Showjumping  • 

Prehistoric horses may have been coloured
Some cave paintings show white horses with dark spots and there has been a long debate about whether these were true to live. Previous DNA studies had only found evidence for black and bay horses in prehistoric times but recent work has shown that spotted horses existed as long ago as 25,000 years.

22 November, 2011  •  Horse & Hound  • 

40% of horses are injured each year
Research has show that 40% of horses are injured each year. Most (62%) occur in the field, 13% occur during ridden exercise and 11% in the stable. Ponies and cobs seem less injury-prone.

18 November, 2011  •  The Horse Trust  • 

Study of natural versus conventional training methods
A study of young horses being broken to saddle appears to show that natural training methods cause less stress (particularly to colts) than conventional methods. The study used 32 Arab horses aged 2.5 years.

14 November, 2011  •  The Horse  • 

Stolen police horse recovered
An America policeman, who tied his horse to a post, returned to find that police horse Charlie had been stolen. Another police officer spotted the thief a short distance away walking along with Charlie's reins tied around his waist. The man was charged with felony theft. Charlie was unharmed.

09 November, 2011  •  Lancaster online  • 

Munnings painting to be auctioned
The painting Early Morning on Manton Downs by Sir Alfred Munnings is to be auctioned on 16 November at Christie's, London. Showing the bay filly Short Story who won the Oaks in 1926, the painting is estimated to make £1.2 - £1.6 million.

07 November, 2011  •  Christie's  • 

Shock death of showjumper Hickstead
The showjumping world has been rocked by the death of reigning Olympic champion Hickstead. Generally considered to be one of the best showjumpers ever, Hickstead had just completed his round in the World Cup qualifier in Verona, Italy when he collapsed and died. At the request of the riders, the competition was halted and they all entered the arena for a 1 minute silence to remember the great horse and support his devastated rider Eric Lamaze.

06 November, 2011  •  FEI jumping  • 

Darley stallions move to stud in China
Sheikh Mohammed is supporting the emerging thoroughbred industry in China by sending to two quality stallions - Jalil and Sousa - to China. They are each expected to cover around 75 mares a year and stud fees will be free to approved mares.

01 November, 2011  •  Horse & Hound  •