November 2012 News Headlines

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Dressage win for Neptunes Collonges
Neptunes Collonges, 2012 Grand National winner, competed in his first dressage competition yesterday with owner Lisa Hales, winning the Intro A test at Kingswood Equestrian Centre.

19 November, 2012  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

In-shoe sensor helps horses stay sound
A sensor has been developed at the University of Pennsylvania, which is placed between the hoof and a glue-on shoe, to measure the forces on the foot. This will show effect of trimming and shoeing practices currently used for laminitis. It can also be used to examine the effects of different training surfaces.

17 November, 2012  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Grass sickness vaccine trial announced
A small pilot study of a vaccine to protect against equine grass sickness has been approved, involving 100 horses and ponies. Grass sickness paralyses the digestive system. It kills about 140 horses a year but its cause is unknown. It is most common on the east coast of the UK. A full trial is planned for next year.

14 November, 2012  •  Equine Grass Sickness Fund  •  Full story

Abandoned foal left fighting for life
Eight week old colt Teddy was found starving and alone on a roadside in Buckinghamshire. He was taken in by The Horse Trust but was rushed to the Royal Veterinary College where he spent a week in intensive care. He is now improving and back at The Horse Trust who are appealling for funds for his continued care.

05 November, 2012  •  The Horse Trust  •  Full story

Insect compound for laminitis treatment
A clinical trial of a new treatment for laminitis has been announced. The anti-inflammatory compound stems from a discovery made more than 40 years ago by UC Davis entomology professor Bruce Hammock while doing basic insect biology research.

14 November, 2012  •  University of California, Davis  •  Full story

New equine cancer research project
Melanoma is a particularly common cancer in grey horses. University of California, Davis is researching melanomas in Connemara ponies (which are predominately grey) to provide genetic information about melanomas. This should benefit horses and other species affected by melanomas, including humans.

08 November, 2012  •  The Horse  •  Full story

FEI launches transformed Nations Cup Jumping series
The new Nations Cup Show Jumping series will have qualifying rounds in 6 regions with teams going through to a world final. The regions are Europe (Division 1 and 2), North & Central America, South America, Middle East, Asia/Australia and Africa.

06 November, 2012  •  British Showjumping  •  Full story

Tim Gredley wins US puissance, clearing 7ft
Tim Gredley riding Unex Valente won the puissance in Kentucky, easily clearing 7ft. He then attempted to clear the wall at 7ft 6in but knocked out a brick. It was the horse's first puissance, although he had previously jumped in a six bar class. Puissance classes are uncommon in the US.

05 November, 2012  •  Horse and Country TV  •  Full story

Using learning and behavior theory in welfare cases
Equine charities are taking on increasing numbers of neglected and abandoned horses which are unhandled or poorly managed. This can put both the animals and handlers at risk of injury. Using learning and behavior theory techniques can help reduce the risks.

03 November, 2012  •  The Horse  •  Full story

A horse is for life - not just for Christmas
The British Horse Society has spoken out against companies which encourage buying horses as Christmas presents. Horsemart recently emailed 'Horses under £500 make great Christmas presents'. Horses may be cheap to buy, but can be costly to keep and charities are being ovewhelmed with abandoned horses.

03 November, 2012  •  British Horse Society  •  Full story

Brooke Remembrance Day Tribute 2012
"On this Remembrance Day, we here at the Brooke would like to remember those horses that served throughout the First World War, only to be left behind in Egypt, never to see their homeland of Great Britain again. After untold amounts of suffering, the pain of these horses was first recognised by Dorothy Brooke who set up a charity to rescue and rehabilitate these half dead animals. Today, we would like to pay tribute to our humble beginnings, to Dorothy and her horses, and pause for a moment to remember those equines that are still caught up in suffering and conflict around the world today"
Major Richard Waygood MBE

07 November, 2012  •  The Brooke Charity  •  Brooke Website

Series of articles on crash helmets
Ever wondered how helmets are designed and manufactured? A series of articles from Charles Owen, on the British Eventing website, will go through the process of creating a helmet from the first sketch to being sold in stores. Learn how helmets are designed and work to protect you in real life.

02 November, 2012  •  British Eventing  •  Full story

Man killed tending agitated horse
A 51 year old man, from Middleton in Greater Manchester, died after being kicked in the head by a horse he was transporting. He had stopped to tend the horse when it dislodged the partition and became agitated. His wife tried to help him but had to retreat after suffering chest injuries and a broken femur.

01 November, 2012  •  BBC News  •  Full story

Vaccine against Hendra virus launched
Pfizer Animal Health has lauched a vaccine against the Hendra virus which is a problem in Australia and is deadly to both horses and humans. The disease from the bat-borne virus was first identified in Brisbane in 1994, when horse trainer Vic Rail died. The virus has killed 4 humans and at least 81 horses.

01 November, 2012  •  Horse Talk  •  Full story