October 2011 News headlines

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Nick Skelton - success in USA
Nick Skelton won the Puissance on Unique XVIII (clearing 7ft) and the Grand Prix on Carlo at last weeks Washington International Horse Show in America

31 October, 2011  •  British Showjumping  • 

Horse-friendly bridge in Wales
A new steel footbridge near Tregarth, Gwynedd has been given a rubberised surface to deaden its noise making it safer for horses to cross. The side panels and parapets have also been made higher.

31 October, 2011  •  BBC  • 

Donkeys protect livestock from big cats
Researchers in Nambia have found that a single donkey can protect up to 100 cows from cheetahs and leopards. Donkeys will chase and attack any predator that comes too close to the herd.

22 October, 2011  •  Horse & Hound  • 

Visit the free War Horse Fact & Fiction Exhibition
Open from 22 October 2011 to August 2012 at the National Army Museum in Chelsea, the exhibition explores the Michael Morpurgo novel together with real-life stories of war horses. It is a hands-on, interactive exhibition for all the family.

22 October, 2011  •  National Army Museum  • 

Tim Stockdale injured
Tim Stockdale has concussion and two fractures in his neck following a fall from a young horse on Monday (17th). Fortunately Tim will make a full recovery but will need some time off. He may be able to move to Stoke Mandeville Hospital (from Oswestry) to be nearer home and family.

21 October, 2011  •  Horse & Hound  •   •  Tim Stockdale  • 

Research shows lameness a common reason for euthanasia in older horses
A research project funded by The Horse Trust has shown that lameness is the most common reason for euthanasia in older horses (over 15 years). Euthanasia was due to lameness in 24% of cases in the study, with a further 12% due to laminitis (which results in lameness). It may be that lameness is not being picked up early by owners of older horses so is not being treated at an early stage, resulting in rapid deterioration. The next most common cause was colic - 21%.

17 October, 2011  •  The Horse Trust  • 

Survey shows drop in riding and horse ownership
The BETA 2011 National Equestrian Survey shows trends in equestrian spending in the UK. There is a 19% decrease in the number of people riding since 2005/6 and a 33% decrease in the number of horses owned in Britain. The main reason cited for the decrease is cost. However numbers are still up compared to 10 years ago. The average price paid for a horse is £2160.

13 October, 2011  •  British Equestrian Trade Association  • 

Become a British Showjumping steward
British Showjumping is looking for stewards. The role is voluntary and you need excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Applications must be received by 26th October.

07 October, 2011  •  British Showjumping  • 

Nanny mares reduce weaning stress
Austrian researchers have shown that weaning stress is reduced in foals which are accompanied by a nanny mare (i.e. one without her own foal) before and after weaning. Read more about weaning stress in our recent article.

04 October, 2011  •  The Horse Magazine (US)  •   •