September 2012 News Headlines

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Choosing the sex of foals could soon be possible
A study carried out by companies in North America shows that sex-sorted stallion semen may soon be achievable. A technique called high-speed flow cytometry can separate X- and Y-bearing sperm. The main limitation at present is that the semen has to be used fresh rather than frozen.

29 September, 2012  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Domestic horses rely too much on humans
A French study appears to show that horses with a strong attachment to humans will rely on a person to work out a problem, rather than trying to work it out for themselves. Tests involved hiding food in a box - most horses concentrated on the person hiding the food or their manger rather than trying to open the box.

28 September, 2012  •  Horse & Country TV  •  Full story

Take part in a breeding survey
If you are a UK horse owner, taking part in a breeding survey will help the understanding of breeding practices in the UK. Whether you have bred from your horse, are planning to breed from your horse, or have no interest in breeding at all your information will help.

24 September, 2012  •  Breeding Survey  •  Take the survey

Eventer King Solomon put down at age of 24
King Solomon, the eventer who first took Mary King to the top of the sport, was put down yesterday following complications arising from the lymphangitis. He won Badminton in 2002 and team silver at the Athens Olympics, as well as having many placings in major events.

21 September, 2012  •  British Eventing  •  Full story

High Sherrif of Buckinghamshire starts 'rural ride'
High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, Carolyn Cumming, was officially started, on a re-creation of William Cobbett's 'rural rides' through the county, by the head of Aylesbury and Bucks Freemasons. She thanked Aylesbury's freemasons for helping to raise more than £1 million for charities in the area.

20 September, 2012  •  Bucks Herald  •  Full story

Encourage your horse to pass scary objects
Danish scientists have concluded that, if a horse spooks at a scary object, the best approach is to encourage the horse to pass it. Although this causes more stress to the horse at the time, horses become habituated to strange objects more quickly than if they are allowed to investigate in their own time.

20 September, 2012  •  The Horse  •  Full story

Laboratory grown leather
A US company is developing 3D printed animal skin which could be an alternative to leather. Although the technology could be used to create synthetic meat, the laboratory is initially concentrating on leather. Leather is easier to produce and less controversial than meat and would also accustomise people to tissue engineering.

19 September, 2012  •  io9  •  Full story

Donkey Sanctuary in Guiness World Records
The Donkey Sanctuary, an International animal welfare charity in Devon, has been recognised as 'the world's largest donkey sanctuary' in the 2013 edition of Guiness World Records. The charity provides sanctuary for rescued donkeys and helps working donkeys around the world.

17 September, 2012  •  The Donkey Sanctuary  •  Full story

Bramham Photo Competition winner
The annual Bramhan photo competition has been won by Dave Bates. His photo of Caroline Powell and Thornfield Jones jumping through the owl hole will be used on the 2013 offical event programme. David only took up photography about nine months ago and 2012 was his first visit to Bramham, his wife being the eventing fan.

11 September, 2012  •  British Eventing  •  Full story

Tina Fletcher needs ankle surgery following fall
Olympic reserve Tina Flecther suffered a serious ankle injury in a fall from Hello Sailor in Spruce Meadows, Calgary. She is flying bad to the UK today for surgery. Although not broken, her ankle has severe ligament damage and a stud in her horse's shoe penetrated her Achilles tendon.

11 September, 2012  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story

50th three day event win for William Fox-Pitt
William Fox-Pitt won Blenheim on Seacookie - his 50th 3 day event win. Seacookie was below par at Burghley the previous weekend and retired on the cross country course. But he was back on form at Blenhiem, pulling up from 5th after dressage to 1st with a fast cross country round and retaining the lead with clear showjumping.

10 September, 2012  •  Horse & Country TV  •  Full story

Hickstead statue unveiled at Spruce Meadows, Canada
A statue of Hickstead, one of the greatest show jumping horses of all time, was unveiled at Spruce Meadows. Hickstead collasped and died last year just after completing a round in a World Cup qualifier. Hickstead and former rider, Eric Lamaze, were inducted into the Spruce Meadows Hall of Fame.

09 September, 2012  •  Spruce Meadows  •  Full story

William Fox-Pitt wins HSBC Classics Series
Third place at Burghley on last year's winner Parklane Hawk was good enough for William Fox-Pitt to take the HSBC Classics Series by one point. Burghley was won by Andrew Nicholson (NZ) on Avebury after leader Sinead Halpin (USA) on Manoir de Carneville had a disappointing 3 fences down in the show jumping phase.

02 September, 2012  •  BBC Sport  •  Full story

Team GB win gold in Paralympic dressage
The British Paralympic team took gold to remain unbeaten in any Paralympic, World or European championship since 1996. Sophie Christiansen won individual gold, and Sophie Wells and Deb Criddle individual silver in their grades, bring Britain's total dressage medals to 3 gold and 3 silver, with individual freestyle to come tomorrow.

02 September, 2012  •  Horse & Hound  •  Full story